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For several years I taught a workshop I developed called Embracing Our Sensual Selves. In the afternoon I brought in a panel of men who would answer any questions the women had about men... on ANY topic. It was eye-opening for all of us... including the men.

Then the men asked for the same workshop, but with a panel of women. One man was so pleased with what he had learned he got down on his knee and thanked me and the panel of women.

Because the men were telling me things I never knew before, I was compelled to write a book so women everywhere could learn what they had revealed to me. That's when I publishes my best-selling book, Men Made Easy.

Kara Oh

I traveled the country speaking in book stores, doing hundreds of radio and TV interviews and loved every moment on the road.

I got more deeply involved in studying dating and relationships and wrote a book to help married couples save their marriage or if things are getting a bit dull, to bring back the in-love sparkles.

Because I'd spent so much time and energy coaching women in their efforts to find a partner, my dating advice has gotten pretty darned good. So I'm now working on Flirting Made Easy, which should be ready by the end of May, maybe even sooner. I'm pretty excited about how it's coming along. It will be very helpful.

I also am 3/4th done with a very important book, Male Midlife Crisis. This is not going to be a best-seller, but it is extremely important for any woman who is living through this very difficult time. It's difficult for her husband but he's not talking. So what she needs is to understand why it is happening, what to expect and how she can take care of herself. She can't really help him but she can know better how to deal with a very trying situation.

Then, on to Happiness Made Easy and Breaking Up Made Easy. Lots to share with you over the next several months. It's all about growing and becoming the very best version of ourselves, one day at a time...

From my heart to yours,
Kara Oh
The Heart Whisperer™

P.S. I was an interior designer for ten years in Montecito (Yes, where Oprah has her $26 million dollar mansion). I have owned, built, remodeled some pretty amazing homes but my favorite is the one I own all by myself. It's pretty sweet. If you'd like to see photos, you can take a look here

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