As we remember Kara Oh and her works, it’s best to mention who she was as a personality and as a relationship and life coach for many, helping relationships prosper even after her passing.

Kara Oh was an avid reader all her life. She enjoyed most every kind of book, but especially novels. She enjoyed all types from mysteries, to biographies, to romance, and even finds stories about serial killers fascinating.

Because she had written several books on relationships she was inspired to write her first romance novel, “Love On Butterfly Beach.” While she fell in love with story telling she wrote her 2nd Book “Love On Montecito Peak,”

Kara was the mother of two grown children and has one grandson in college. She lived in Santa Barbara, a well-known tourist destination, for over 46 years so she decided to make the city she loved the setting for her first series of romance novels.

She lived her own romance with her boyfriend of almost four years, who is many years younger. She toyed with the idea of writing a romance that features an older woman and a much younger man.

Her Novels can be purchased on Amazon either as a Paperback version or the Kindle version here.