The next piece of what makes you YOU, is your Soul. Many would call Spirit and Soul the same thing. But I distinguish the two as separate parts of you.

Of course, there is no way to actually know what makes up the various parts of our psyche, at least not scientifically, but my goal is to help you develop every aspect of what will help you become a woman who makes magic everywhere you go, simply by showing up as the true, authentic being that you are.

Your soul is the part of you that connects to a higher power, to God, Goddess, or whatever you believe the source of the universe is. Source is the name I’ll use here because it encompasses whatever name you use.

The more directly you feel that connection, the more awed you will be with life, and the more you will appreciate being you. You are a miracle and worthy of celebration, each and ever day.

The more you can accept that, and know it’s true, the more you will enjoy being a maker of magic.

The more your Soul is connected to Source, the more you will see the miracle that each person is. When you are with your husband or boyfriend, or when you meet a new man, the more you are connected to your Soul, the more you will see and feel his Spirit and Soul, which will allow you to have a heart connection.

So let’s see what you can discover about your relationship with your Soul.

Assignment #1

You and Your Soul

Take the following test and answer as honestly as you can. No one will see what you’ve written so the more honest you can be, the more you will benefit from this assignment.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not at all and 10 being always or completely), how would you rate the following (use the first line to the left of each question for this part of the assignment):

1.____How connected to a higher power do you feel?________
2.____How much time do you spend just being quiet?________
3.____How awed are you when you look up at the stars at night?________
4.____How often do you pray or meditate?________
5.____How awed are you by the mysteries of the universe?________
6.____To what degree do you see yourself as a miracle?________
7.____To what degree do you see others as a miracle?________
8.____How open are you to learning about who you are?________
9.____How willing are you to do the work required to make the improvements you desire?________
10.____How special do you think you are?________
11.____How badly do you want your life to improve?________
12.____How important is it to you to be seen as a good person?________
13.____Do you feel you are a positive influence wherever you go?________
14.____How connected to nature do you feel?________
15.____How judgmental of others are you?________
16.____How often do you notice kindness in others?________
17.____How concerned are you with the welfare of others?________
18.____How concerned are you with the welfare of our planet?________
19.____How easily do you share your heart with others?________
20.____How kind are you with the people with whom you interact?________
21.____Do you enjoy lifting the spirit of the people with whom you interact?________
22.____Do you want to make a positive difference while you’re alive?________
23.____Do you know what your particular gifts are?________
24.____Do you want to share those gifts with others?________

What you’ll notice is that you’ll recognize them as familiar, but realize you’ve been thinking many of those thoughts without being consciously aware of them.

As you become more aware of your connection to ‘something’ that is bigger than yourself, notice if there are things about your thinking…attitudes, judgements, perspectives, open or closed mindedness, etc. that may be interfering with your connection with your Soul, and make notes about what you would like to change.

In your journal, write all your thoughts and perceptions about what you learned about yourself when you did this assignment. Throughout the week, pay attention to any new insights that come to you. Especially notice when you experience magic because the more aware you become, the more you will feel a connection with your Soul. We’ll work with what you’re learning in a later class.