When You Want To Enhance the Sexual Side of Their Relationship

One way to improve your sexual connection and pleasure is to talk about it.

But that is not always that easy for couples. So following is The Sexuality Game, just like The Relationship Game in chapter five.

Play this game the same way you did with The Relationship Game, by printing the list and cutting the questions into strips. Each take turns selecting a question to answer, or both answer the same question. Allow the conversations to flow naturally.

Where and when you answer these questions is something you need to decide together. It is not always easy to talk about sex, but if you can be open with each other, your sexual connection and bond will grow and deepen. It’s worth any discomfort you might experience.

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To play the game, you can take turns selecting a question, or both answer the same question. Answer each questions from your perspective:

The Sexuality Game:

  • How can we use romance to add to our physical relationship?
  • How do words, sounds and music impact our lovemaking?
  • What have I wanted to tell you but have never been comfortable enough?
  • How could we play with costumes to have some fun?
  • What do I want you to do more, but am embarrassed to ask?
  • What “hang-ups” do I have that I wish I didn’t?
  • How can we add more variety to our lovemaking?
  • What do you do that really turns me on?
  • What do I wish we would do more?
  • How do I really feel about oral sex?
  • How could we incorporate food into our lovemaking?
  • What are some ways we could get our motors running throughout the week?
  • What was I taught was dirty or bad about sex? How does that impact me?
  • What embarrasses me about sex?
  • What “props” could we use to make sex more fun or enjoyable or fun?
  • What is a fantasy of mine that we could act out? (Be careful of this one. Most fantasies are best kept private.)
  • What’s the best way to let you know I’m interested in making love?
  • What do I like best about making love to you?
  • What could we do to make the bedroom more sexy?
  • What part of my body do I like the most?
  • What are the most erogenous parts of my body and what do I like you to do to them?
  • What does romance mean to me?
  • What’s something we’ve never done that I think we’d like?
  • What’s most awkward about making love?
  • What is the difference between making love and having sex?
  • Why is sex important to me?
  • For her: What do I like for you to do to my yoni? (Yoni is Sanskrit for female genitalia)
  • What could we do once in a while so making love would be extra special?
  • What do you do that give me mixed messages?
  • What is the sexiest thing about you?