Welcome to the fourth class ,

Now that you’ve answered the questions in the Body and Mind classes, it’s time to move on to your Spirit.

Your Spirit is that part of you that can’t help but burst out in song or just has to dance.

It’s the part of you that wants to celebrate life, makes you feel gorgeous even when no one is looking, and knows you’re fantastic.

It’s the part of you that cares for others simply because it feels good. When you’re feeling playful and full of life, it’s your Spirit leading the way.

It’s impossible for there to be any limitations on your Spirit other than what your mind creates. Impossible!

Your Spirit, in it’s full flowing state, lifts you up to the stars and makes you want to fly. That’s why it’s so very important to shift how your mind and all negative thoughts are affecting you. You can’t be your most magnificent, magical self if your Spirit is slowed down in any way.

One thing that can interfere with your Spirit being able to lift you up are limiting thoughts and feelings you have about your body, your life, the people in your life–now and from your past–and the situations that you have experienced.

Releasing the limiting beliefs, and replacing them with that’s true about you (that you are a glorious, magnificent, magical woman–yes, you are) can be accomplished by going through the assignments in the Five Facets Of Feminine Grace workshop. So, is your Spirit being given the permission to be free? The degree that the answer is ‘Yes’ is directly proportional to how much magic you enjoy each day of your life.

Now it’s time to see what your  Spirit has been up to lately.

Take the following test and answer as honestly as you can. No one will see what you’ve written so the more honest you can be, the more you will benefit from this assignment.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not at all and 10 being always or completely), how would you rate the following (use the first line to the left of each question for this part of the assignment):

Note: Write the following in your journal, with the three columns of lines. 

1.____How easy is it for you to let loose and be silly?________
2.____How often do you go out in nature?________
3.____How often are you inspired to dance?________
4.____How often do you take the initiative to be with friends?________
5.____How often do you give and receive warm, heartfelt hugs?________
6.____How much do you enjoy opportunities to laugh?________
7.____How much do you allow yourself to be creative?________
8.____How much fun are you to be with?________
9.____How often do friends request time to be with you?________
10.____How happy are you with your social life?________
11.____How gracious are you with others?________
12.____How much do you enjoy doing for others?________
13.____How often do you feel like singing?________
14.____How spontaneous are you?________
15.____How nurturing are you of others?________
16.____How appreciative are you of others?________
17.____How much of the time do you feel joyful?________
18.____Do often do you feel grateful?________
19.____How good a friend are you?________
20.____How generous are you?________
21.____How often and how easily do you smile?________
22.____How thrilled are you to be you?________
23.____How happy are you with how you spend your leisure time?________
24.____How loving are you?________

What you’ll notice is that you’ll recognize them as familiar, but realize you’ve been thinking many of those thoughts without being consciously aware of them.

As you become more aware of your state of being, notice if there are things about your thinking…attitudes, judgements, perspectives, open or closed mindedness, etc. that may be interfering with the flow of your Spirit, and make notes about what you would like to change.

In your journal, write all your thoughts and perceptions about what you learned about yourself when you did this assignment. Throughout the week, pay attention to any new insights that come to you. Especially notice when you experience magic because the more aware you become, the more you are letting your Spirit soar. We’ll work with what you’re learning in a later class.