Now you’ll begin to do the work required to remove the blocks that have kept you from experiencing more happiness, love and peace of mind. This week you’ll do a Guided Visualization that will help you discover your Core Wounding. From there you will go on to see how it has colored the rest of your life. This awareness is what is required for you to be able to release those blocks and replace then with the truth of who you really are, which is pure ‘Light and Love.’

As you’ve moved through each class, you’ve become more and more aware of your Essence, that part of you that holds all your potential, pushing you to experience the magic that allows happiness and love to flow.

It’s your Essence bubbling up when you feel your Woman Energy flowing through you.

Your Essence is in charge when you feel fully alive.

The big question is, why don’t you experience more magic, love, happiness, and inner peace? Basically, why don’t you feel fully alive more of the time?

You Lost Touch With Your Essence

As I’ve already explained, very early in your development you–and every child–is told in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that part of your behavior, how you feel, and what you want, is not okay.

As these messages were transmitted to you, often by parents ‘who meant well,’ you began to believe that “who I am” is not okay.

You began to hide our real self, your beautiful Essence, and created ways to keep you safe and help you get your needs met.

I call this your Program. Your Program is is made up of beliefs about yourself and how you think you are ‘supposed’ to be.

As a child, this Program was very important to help you survive in a world of adults. Unfortunately, by the time you no longer need these safety mechanisms, your Program is so buried that you are not aware of its existence.

Unless you learn of its existence, then learn how to dismantle it, it continues to unconsciously run your life by making choices and decisions for you.

You fall into pothole after pothole, wondering, “Why does this keep happening to me?”

One simple way to begin to learn about your Program is to think about these questions:

  1. Do you ever hear words coming out of your mouth and wonder who said them?
  2. Do you ever catch yourself in the middle of doing something you swore you’d never do again?
  3. Do you do things that you know aren’t good for you in the long run?
  4. Do you find yourself repeating patterns in relationships?

Do any of these sound familiar? Are any of these your particular potholes? We all have a Program and when we become aware of it, we can change it.

In order to step confidently into your Feminine Grace, awakening your Woman Energy, you need to be conscious of your Program, and how it is impacting–in some ways, literally running–your life.

Then and only then can you begin to enjoy the freedom and empowerment that comes with living in your Essence. That’s when you’ll begin to experience the delicious feeling of being in love with who you are.

This is one of the most important goals of this workshop and is accomplished by working through each session and the specific skills, tools and processes that are presented here.

Discovering Your Program

The skills and processes you are learning will help you dismantle your Program, allowing you greater and greater levels of awareness. The more aware you are, the more choice you have.

The more choice you exercise, the greater freedom and personal power you experience. With all this comes an ability to live your life in balance and harmony…in Essence.

As you discover more and more about your Program, you will be able not only to experience more choice, but you will enjoy more beautiful moments because you will be learning how to purposefully create Magic everywhere you go.

The first step in discovering your Program is to harvest your memories, much like you did when you were guided to search for times when you felt loved and safe.

In this next guided visualization, the goal is to explore memories where you felt unsafe. As in the previous meditation, you will start with current time, then I will guide you back through adolescence, childhood, and first years of life.

Then, you will have an opportunity to explore your experiences before birth. As with all of the guided visualizations you’ve done, what matters is what you feel in your body.

The memory does not have to be real for it to be useful. If you feel something in your body, you have something meaningful to work with. Remember this as you go back to your early years, back to pre-conception.

I’ve guided hundreds of people through this process and it’s surprising how many have strong memories that have allowed them to access the Core Wounding which became the foundation of their Program.

Assignment #1

Discovering Your Core Wounding

Find a time when you will be completely undisturbed for at least an hour. Have your journal with you and before you begin the meditation, on one of the pages, draw a line down the center from top to bottom.

When the guided visualization is complete, and while you are still deeply relaxed, pick up your journal and on the left side of the page, write the memories. On the right side of the page, write the emotions and feelings associated with each memory. You may find you wish to come back to your list of memories and add the feelings later.

Assignment #2

Discovering How Your Core Wounding Has Impacted Your Life

This Harvesting of memories begins the work of exploring and dismantling your Program. From the foundation of early memories you discover early beliefs and decisions that are still running your life.

In a future class, I will guide you through a process where you will ‘recreate’ an entirely different experience of your Core Wounding.

Using the skills I will be teaching you, you will be able to do this with any experience in which you feel off balanced or experience strong emotions because something or someone has triggered your Program.

As you clear away the disempowering beliefs you have been telling yourself about yourself, you will experience more and more beautiful moments filled with magic. You will be living in Essence.

In this assignment, I want you to work with the Core Wounding (or whatever wounding memory you select).

Playing the music we’ve been using for the guided meditation below, I want you to answer the following questions. Remember to follow the feelings you experience in your body. That is where the truth lies.

Memory Mapping

In your journal, write your answers and any insights that the following questions brings up. The answers become what I like to call, your Memory Map. You can ask these questions of any memory and gain insight into your Program and how it has been running your life.

  1. Determine what early memory you wish to explore? (As an adult, try to see, sense or imagine the child in the situation.)
  2. What are the feelings and emotions you imagine this child experienced? (Example: Confusion, fear, pain, anger, etc.)
  3. Self Belief: a.) What do you imagine this child told herself about the situation. b.) What do you imagine the child told herself about herself? c.) What do you imagine the child began to believe about herself? (Example: There’s something wrong with me; I’m not okay; I’m not smart; I’m bad; I’m unlovable; I’m not attractive; I deserve to be punished; it’s my fault; etc.)
  4. World Belief: What do you imagine the child began to believe about those around her–the world? (Example: I can’t trust them; this is not a safe place; they know more than I do; etc.)
  5. Self Decision: As a result of these beliefs, what decisions do you imagine the child made? That is, how did the child decide to be withing herself in order to keep herself safe? (Example: I won’t experience my feelings; I won’t have needs; I’ll ignore my body; I’ll daydream; etc.)
  6. World Decision: What do you imagine the child decided to do in order to keep herself safe and to get her needs met? (Example: I’ll be good; I won’t show my feelings; I’ll work really hard; I won’t be a bother; etc.)
  7. Self Expectations: As a result of these beliefs and decisions, what do you imagine the child began to expect of/from herself? (Example: I’ll fail; I won’t do it right; I’ll be ugly; etc.)
  8. World Expectations: What do you imagine the child began to expect from the outside world? That is, how do you imagine the child expected others to see her or behave toward her? How did she expect to be treated? (Example: They won’t even notice me: they’ll treat me like I’m dumb; no one will like me; they won’t meet my needs; etc.)
  9. Manifestations – Past: Does this feel familiar? Are there other experiences which seem similar to this one? Can you find patterns as you look at later experiences? These are manifestations of your earlier beliefs, decisions and expectations.
  10. Manifestations – Current: Can you see how this manifests in your life now?
  11. Ask yourself, “How does this energy pattern serve me?”
  12. Ask yourself, “How does this energy pattern restrict me?”

Assignment #3

Work Through Other Memories

This week, select other highly charged memories and then ask the above questions. This will help you not only see patterns of feelings, thoughts and behaviors in your life, but will be foundational in transforming your life so it is filled with more and more choice.

As you fall asleep each night, invite your subconscious to reveal memories of your youth. As you awaken in the morning, recall an experience of magic or a beautiful moment so you can begin your day as Essence, with your Woman Energy flowing.

Remember to practice your G.L.O.W. Flow, so it becomes more and more, your natural state of being. And revisit the memories of when you felt loved and safe as you go though the week.