In this class you’ll begin to harvest your memories. The memories you’ll be searching for are all the times where you felt loved, safe, and happy. I want you to feel all that love so you recognize it more easily. Too often other thoughts and beliefs block the love that is right there in front of you.

In last week’s teleclass we did an overview of what you’ve been learning so far. I also gave you a variety of things I do to keep myself in a happy mood, and my energy upbeat.

If you feel like you need to, feel free to go through any of the classes again, so you really begin to incorporate new habits, new insights, and new ways of being into your every-day life.

Remember one of the primary goals is to develop the ‘habit of being happy.’ That doesn’t happen over night. It takes continual baby steps on this new path you’ve stepped onto. But the new habits will become a natural way of being, more quickly than you think. But you have to keep taking those baby steps.

See Your Life With New Eyes

Close your eyes for just a moment and answer this question: What was your best moment this week?

As you remember that moment, what feelings come up for you, what happens in your body?

Now, what was your worst moment this week? Again, be in touch with your feelings and sensations in your body.

How long did the best and worst moments stay with you during the week? Did they affect your interactions with others? Do you feel like you had some control over your reaction, or was it automatic and habitual way of responding to those types of situations?

Make notes in your journal about anything you learned about yourself.

As I’m mentioned many times now, awareness is essential for choice to come into play. But awareness of what you’re feeling in your body is how you can tell that there’s something that’s not quite right.

The goal is to feel your best, to glow with joy and love, with your Woman Energy flowing unhindered.

Learning to become aware more quickly of what you’re feeling in your body will tell you that there’s something going on. Then you can decide what to do. Maybe you want to feel the hurt or disappointment. Or maybe you want to uplift your spirit so you go back to a state of happiness, to be that women your G.L.O.W. Flow words describes so perfectly.

To truly fall in love with yourself, you must let go of old habits that are disempowering, that push the ‘dimmer switch’ down on your Woman Energy, and make you feel the need to protect your heart.

Doing the assignments below will help you keep your Woman Energy flowing and the light that you are shining brightly.

In the beginning stages, you need to remind yourself regularly that you want to be the woman you are beginning to recognize is the real you. Eventually, that woman, and all those delicious feelings, will become your natural state of being.

Assignment #1

Harvesting Your Memories

This meditation is very sweet and will leaving you feeling a deep love for yourself. Have your journal with you and allow time to write after the meditation.

As you are guided back through your memories, seek out those memories when you were the happiest. Times when you felt loved, save, and cared for. As you remember these memories, allow yourself to feel what that young lady, girl, small child, and tiny baby girl was feeling. And remember, this is about feeling it in your body, not just an idea or picture in your mind.

At the earliest ages, you may not be sure if the memories are real. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what you feel in your body. You are gathering up all the sensations and feelings of being loved, feeling safe, and secure.

At the end of the visualization, I will not bring you out because I want you to stay with whatever you’re feeling for as long as you like. And when you’re ready, gently bring yourself back into your body, but while still in that relaxed state, pick up your journal and write about your experience.

Assignment #2

Feel The Love

Now that you have a symbol for the time when you felt most loved, allow your body to soak that feeling up, like a sponge. Touch your body where you placed the symbol of that love, and as you do so, say aloud, or to yourself, “I am lovable, I am loved, I love myself.”

Throughout the week, do this exercise so that feeling of love becomes anchored into you. This will help speed up the process of truly, deeply falling in love with yourself. For this technique to be effective, you must always bring the feelings you felt during the meditation into your body. Then the anchor becomes permanent.

You can use this anchor any time you find your energy being dimmed. All you need to do is touch that part of your body with the intention of bringing that love into your being.