As you continue the adventure of discovering your Program and what has been running your life from behind the scenes, you will now be invited to focus on opening your heart. As you do this exercise, you’ll discover how much more control you have over your state of being than you’ve ever realized before.

We’re still on the Second Facet, Love Yourself. Of all the facets, this is the most extensive and involved of all.

As you do each assignment, you will become more and more aware of your Program, all those self-beliefs that have been controlling you from your unconscious mind, like a puppeteer, manipulating imaginary strings.

But as you discover more and more about yourself, you’ll begin to feel a lightness as you let go of those debilitating beliefs and replace them with the one great truth about you, “You are pure light and love.”

Your Heart Must Open To Fully Experience Love

Falling in love with yourself is the ultimate goal of this workshop. But it’s not that easy of a goal to achieve.  That’s because of the blocks that keep your Woman Energy from flowing freely.

In last week’s class you found your first Charged Memory. And you spent time with yourself as that little girl who went through that experience.

Besides blocking your Woman Energy, keeping you from glowing your brightest, shiniest self, it also causes you to protect your heart, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on what has happened to you throughout your life.

Most of the various things that block your Woman Energy are unconscious. Accessing that part of your Inner Self is the reason I have you do the different meditations.

One of the many fascinating things they’ve been learning about our brains is that when we imagine doing something in our mind, it lights up the part of the brain in the same way as if you were actually doing it.

Images are the language of your emotions. That’s why guided visualization (guided imagery) is so powerfully effective. So this week, I’m going to teach you to open your heart to love and all the other goodies of life.

Assignment #1

Heart Opening Meditation

This meditation is very much about visualizing images and actually, using your imagination to create something that isn’t even real. But you will discover that it is one of the most effective tools for creating more love and vibrancy in your life.

Assignment #2

Discovering the Possibilities

After you have done the Heart Opening Meditation, get your journal out–preferably while you’re still in that relaxed state–and enjoy discovering all the areas of your life in which you can use this imagery to enhance and uplift your various relationships, activities, general sense of well-being, as well as the unique ways you enjoy the world.

You can do this by making a list, by doing a mind map, or by creative writing. If you enjoyed making the vision board of your G.L.O.W. Flow, you can create a new one for this process.

Assignment #3


This week, remind yourself to practice the heart opening process in different situations, even with strangers. The more you practice this, the more it will become part of your natural Woman Energy.

Write in your journal how practicing the Heart Opening process impacts you and those with whom you interact, and any insights you experience.