Welcome to the sixth class ,

Now that you’ve gotten a clearer picture of who you are, it’s time to make who you want to be more real.

this next exercise is one that I developed for the Feminine Grace workshop, so if you’ve already done it, all you  need to do is reacquaint yourself with what you came up with when you determined what your Glow Flow looks and feels like.

I had you go through the Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul questions before this assignment, so you could answer those questions more from ‘where you were’ before you started this workshop. With this assignment, you will begin your journey to ‘where you want to be’ as you step into your future, ideal self.

This can be a fun project if you’re willing to just play with it.

But do take it seriously because the more you can feel how it would be to become the ‘woman of your dreams,’ the more effective this exercise will be. As Carole, one of our members said, “Of all the exercises you can do, this is one of the most effective in helping you feel more alive.”

This week you’re going to develop a kind of template for how you want to be.

The assignment below will give you an opportunity to ‘try on for size’ a variety of words that describe all the ways you want, and can be.

Assignment #1

How You Want To Be

If you need to let go of the cares of the day, before you do this assignment, you might want to do a simple Relaxation Meditation. That way, you’ll be more present, and more connected to your Inner Wise Being.

If you’re now comfortable doing it on your own, simply sit quietly and relax your body, starting with your breathing, then focusing on the muscles throughout your body, starting with your toes and working up to the top of your head.

The goal of the following assignment is to personalize your Magical Woman Energy so you can begin to feel it in your heart, spirit and soul. This assignment will help you identify your Personal G.L.O.W. Flow so it describes your uniqueness. The more personal you can make it, the more you will be able to feel the magic that is you.

In just a moment, I’m going to give you a list of words. Please spend as much uninterrupted time with this assignment as you need.

One of my primary goals is to help you discover who you really are, that which is at your core, what I call your True Essence.

Every assignment I give you has a great deal of growth potential built into it. The more you immerse yourself in the assignments whole-heartedly, the more benefit you will gain and the more quickly you will feel yourself shifting toward a more happy, joyful, magical new you.

This next assignment will help you create a powerful intention for what you want the Real You to be. So do this assignment with a joyful curiosity about the woman you wish to become.

I want you to select the words in each category that best describes you, or how you would like to be some day. You can also pick words that aren’t listed. If you find you wish you had a particular quality that was once a description of you in your past, add that to your list as well.

When you do this exercise, I’d like you to actually try each word on for size. See how it feels. Don’t just look at it and judge it with your head. That’s why I asked you to do a Relaxation Meditation first, so you will be more connected to your core.

Close your eyes and sit with each word. Imagine what it would feel like to have someone use that word to describe you, or for you to know it’s how you would describe yourself. And notice if you come across a word that described you in the past, and how it feels to have lost it.

Some words will feel right, others you’ll know aren’t you at all. That’s why this is about discovering your own uniqueness.

Your Assignment: Select the word or words for each letter, to create your personalized description of G.L.O.W. Flow, either how it is now or how you want it to be. Write them down as you go through the list below, and add any that come to mind that aren’t on the list. Then ‘try them on for size’ by noticing how each word feels:

G: Glorious, generous, genial, genteel, gentle, genuine, giddy, girlish, giver, glamorous, gleeful, goddess, good-hearted, good-humored, gorgeous, graceful, gracious, grand, grateful, great, gregarious, growing, guileless (add your own)

L: Ladylike, learning, level-headed, life-giving, light-hearted, likable, limitless, lively, lovable, lovely, loving, loyal, lucky, luminous, luscious, lusty, luxurious (add your own)

O: Outstanding, open-hearted, open-minded, optimistic, orgasmic, original, open, over-abundant, overflowing (add your own)

W: Warm, welcoming, well-balanced, well-bred, well-defined, whimsical, wild, wholehearted, wise, witty, womanly, wonderful, wondrous, worthy (add your own)

And to help you personalize your Flow, select the word or words that best describe you from the following:

F: Fun, fantastic, flavorful, fabulous, faithful, favorite, fearless, feeling, flamboyant, funny, free, free-spirited, friendly, frolicsome, fulfilled, fortunate, fit, fashionable (add your own)

Assignment #2

The Real You

You now have a selection of words that feel good to you. The next step is to determine which words are the ‘right’ words, a description of who you really are.

You might think this is about discovering who you want to be. But actually, because you’re going to now do a deeper meditation, you will be unveiling the real you, the Essence of you. Your Inner Wise Being has been helping you select the words that best fit who you are capable of being.

So now it’s time to take your list of words and do the meditation for this class:

Discovering Your True G.L.O.W. Flow

Assignment #3

A Visual Interpretation of Your G.L.O.W. Flow

Now that you have your list of words that describe your personalized G.L.O.W. Flow, if you enjoy creative projects, especially if you don’t take the time any more, I recommend you design what is often called a vision board, which you can put somewhere you’ll see every day.

Basically, this is a visual representation of all the words you selected in your meditation that describe you. This vision board should represent how you feel about being the woman you want to be. You can draw it or cut out pictures, images, words or letters from magazines, found objects, special mementos. Maybe add photos of women who inspire you, a photo of you when your Woman Energy was flowing like a waterfall. You can be as creative as you like.

Then put it where you will see it several times each day. It’s helpful to move it around to different spots in your home because you will get used to it when it stays in the same place, and after a time you won’t notice it.

Most people have some creative outlet, but as they get busy with life, being creative often falls by the wayside. Unless your creative outlet is your work, most people get too busy to keep being creative. Maybe doing a vision board will awaken your creative nature once again. Just let loose and have fun with it.

Use your vision board to inspire you, on a daily basis, to be your most glowing self, reminding you that your Woman Energy is coming alive.

The more your Woman Energy flows through you the more peace, love and joy you will experience in your day-to-day life. The brighter you shine the more you will celebrate each day of your life and the more love you will experience. That’s when magic begins to be a part of your daily life.

Assignment #4

Use Writing To Deepen the Feeling Of the Real You

Another way to deepen the benefits, if you enjoy writing, is to take the words above and write a story or poem about what it will feel like when your Woman Energy is flowing freely the way you want, the woman with a powerful G.L.O.W. Flow. Make it as colorful and alive as possible so you begin to actually feel like the woman you are describing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering your G.L.O.W. Flow. Over the next weeks, take a word and wear it for a day. Remind yourself throughout the day and allow the feeling of each word become your natural way of being.

Any that you find you struggle with, either because you can’t feel it, you are not yet comfortable with it, or whatever feelings come up, write them down. We will use this to discover your blocks to glowing your brightest.

You can always go to your Inner Wise Woman and ask her for advice, or insight into what you are feeling. The answers are there within you, but letting go of the conscious mind, and going inside, is the pathway to your Truth Connection. Let it be your guide.