This is not the end of you growing and exploring the fascinating world of your True Self. This is be beginning of enjoying new insights that will help you continue to develop happiness as your natural state of being. This is just the beginning of the brand new you. I hope you will continue on with your growth by joining me for the follow up workshop, “More Of You To Love.”

Congratulations for putting yourself as a high priority, and for giving yourself this most awesome gift of YOU.

That’s a wonderful sign that you do, indeed, love yourself enough to want to do everything you can to continually improve your level of happiness and your willingness to open your heart to loving more deeply, more freely, and more fully.

You have learned a variety of tools, techniques, and skills to help you take charge of your life so you will fall into potholes less frequently, and eventually be going down a different street.

Fully Embrace Your Feminine Grace

The road to happiness is paved with the choices you make, every moment of each and every day. Now, you will be making choices from a new belief of who you really are. No longer will you be reacting from those old, hidden beliefs that were a small child’s way of trying to stay safe and get her needs met.

Yes, occasionally, you’ll find yourself in a pothole. But the difference now is that you’ll know you’re in a pothole and know what to do about it.

First, you’ll know to ask why you fell into that pothole. Often, the answer will come immediately, simply because you stopped, took a breath, and asked.

Other times the answer will be buried in your subconscious and will require you to do a guided visualization. What I often do is find a time when I can be undisturbed, relax into a light meditation, and ask my Inner Wise Woman for advice.

You have stepped onto the path of self-discover, self-improvement, and self-love. There’s no going back to not knowing what you have learned about yourself. But that’s a good thing.

You’ve discovered the value of doing personal growth. I hope you never stop. As you probably already know, there’s more to be discovered, more facets to be polished. I’m honored that you have chosen to take advantage of what I offer on this website.

You are now in charge of the rest of your life. And that’s a glorious thing to know.

Assignment #1

Connecting To Your True Self

You now have access to a variety of Guided Visualizations that offer help in different ways, depending on what’s going on in your life. This one is simply to give you an opportunity to relax and connect to the woman you are falling in love with.

Assignment #2

Never Stop Learning About Yourself

Your inner world is unfathomable. As long as you are alive, you can always go inside and learn new things about yourself, new ways of being, new ways to enjoy this amazing life you have been given.

Yes, there will always be the occasional pothole that will inspire you to ask that insight-filled question, “Why?”

But what about other parts of your life? In what ways to you want to grow? What new things do you want to learn? What projects do you want to tackle? What adventures do you want to explore?

As my son said to his grandmother when he was only 4 and she was complaining about something that had happened, “It’s part of life, grandma.” This desire to be continually evolving that has hopefully awakened within you is now ‘part of your life.’

An important aspect of this workshop is for you to love yourself more fully. In so doing, I hope you are already putting your needs forward in your list of priorities. That doesn’t mean be selfish and ignore others needs. It simply means that you must never ignore your desire to live your life the way you want.

Here is a meditation to help you explore what you want to do to continue to evolve.

Assignment #3

Don’t Ignore Your Insights

One of the things that a workshop like this does is open the door to your ‘truth’ bubbling up at unexpected times. I invite you to stay in the habit of keeping a journal.

When you have an insight, one of those ‘ah, ha’ moments, write it down. Then, if it calls to you, do a light relaxation meditation and simply explore it. Think of it as ‘Spiritual Spelunking.’

In all things, know that your intuition, your Inner Wise Woman, is always watching out for your best interest.

My Invitation To You

Even though we have not met, I feel a sisterhood with you. So if you ever need advice of any kind, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll do my best to assist you. And I hope you will allow me, through all that I offer on this website, to help you continue on your journey.