This class is designed to help you reinforce your awakening delight in being you, and delight in what your life is all about. You will do the Re-creation Meditation again to help you instill more love for who you are.

To have come this far, you’ve undoubtedly discovered some fascinating insights into what causes you to react and respond to life the way you do.

You’ve also learned why your relationships have unfolded they way they have.

I hope you’ve discovered the value of stopping and allowing yourself the time to quiet your mind and go inside. That is where the gold is, the answers to  your questions, and the wisdom to know what to do in most situations.

Because this is all new information, or at least the insights are new, you are still in the ‘doing’ phase. The goal is to turn what you’re consciously doing into new habits so you start being the beautiful, glowing woman you’ve wanted to be. Then your new ways of being will happen of their own accord.

So these next few weeks are pivotal in truly becoming the woman you want to be. So the assignments this week is to continue to work on what you’ve been doing so you can incorporate the new insights into your being.

The Third Facet

Be Delightful

Do you feel delightful? Do you take delight in what’s going on around you? Are you delighted with the people in your life?

Notice that the word ‘light’ in part of delight. When you are being delightful, you are literally shining your light on everyone with whom you come in contact. But most important is that you are also shining your light on yourself.

It’s more of an experience of your inner light than it is something you can see. But your smile is like turning on the light for everyone to see, enjoy, and respond to by becoming delighted in you.

Assignment #1

Delighting In You

So this assignment is to simply be delightful and delighted. Pay attention to your mood and make the choice to adjust your dimmer switch so your light is turned on full.

Go on a walk and notice things and let yourself be delighted, even if it’s just how beautiful a spider web is. Be delighted in what you see in people’s eyes, in how things look in the sunshine, in the bird songs.

There is much to be delighted in, all the time. And when you’re in a state of delight, you are delight full, and will naturally be a positive influence.

Assignment #2

Re-creation Meditation

Do the Re-creation Meditation at least once this week. You can go back to the core wounding experience, or you can select a different memory. Let your heart guide you, rather than your head.

Let the new belief about you, what’s really true, sink in, so you feel it in every cell of your body. The goal is to develop such a strong sense of who you really are so that those old feelings made up out of fear, are a thing of the past.

Yes, occasionally, you will get triggered.  But all that means is that you need to do another Re-Creation Meditation to re-anchor the new feelings into you.

Assignment #3

What Is Your Truth

Do this assignment again, using what you learned in the Re-Creation Meditation you just did:

Have a 3×5 card with you, or something more solid than paper with you for this assignment.

After you’ve done the Recreation Meditation, go to a mirror and looking directly into your eyes, state the truth about you.

And example might be, “I’m Joyce, and I’m okay just the way I am.” Or, “I’m Susan and I am loveable.”

This statement should be positive, in present tense. Eliminate qualifiers like may or might. Use ‘I’, not ‘you.’ Make it positive; use “I’m good,” instead of, “I’m not bad.” And make it present tense; use ‘I am,’ not ‘I will.’

Write this new belief on a card, using positive, present tense language.

What you have now is a Personal Affirmation, one that is a re-creation of your Core Belief that came from your Core Wounding. Because this new phrase is specific to your experience, in your language, and not just something you pull out of thin air, it is the most effective and powerful tool you can use for your personal growth.

As you have now learned, those core beliefs are the drivers of your Program. All those things you told yourself about yourself when you were small have kept you from what’s really true about you.

Affirming your Truth and recreating your Core Beliefs that surround each of your Sub-Personalities will automatically open the way for living in Feminine Grace so you can create the life you want.

Remember this: Those old beliefs and decisions have been keeping you safe and that means it will take some practice before the new beliefs feel right.

The more you do this assignment, the more quickly you will be the woman you long to be. You deserve the time and attention this process takes. If you don’t do the work you now know needs to be done, you need to ask why you think other things are more important.

The bottom line is that this is about the ‘quality’ of your life, at the deepest, most elemental and essential level.