Welcome to the ninth class,

If you’ve read Men Made Easy or gone through the Feminine Grace classes, you’ll be familiar with what is in this lesson.

If you need a refresher, great, and who doesn’t? My mother kept the chapter on Feminine Grace open all the time so she could continually remind herself to work on being the woman she wanted to be.

Feminine Grace

One of the loveliest things about being a woman is that you are capable of creating magic. Enticing someone to be playful, to soften their heart, to sing and dance is magic. When you inspire love in someone, that is, indeed, one of the most magical things you and they can experience.

I believe women have a much greater ability and capacity for making magic than men. You feel it within you and you see it in others…but only when you allow yourself to be open to it. When you are, you will easily draw it into your life.

One of the ways you know you’ve experienced magic is when hearts open effortlessly around you and love, harmony, and friendship flows. As your Woman Energy flows more freely, you’ll begin to see magic more and more, enjoying it within you, and inspiring it in others. You’ll soon realize that you are the cause of it. Magic happens when your heart is open and your Spirit is feeling free and alive.

You’ll have many magical moments over the next weeks and months as what you’re learning here becomes a part of your every day way of being. You will discover serendipity showing up in the most marvelous ways. As your awareness grows, you’ll find magic swirling all around you.

An important element to help you experience more magic, to feel more fully alive, and to enjoy being the woman you were meant to be, is what I call Feminine Grace.

I’ve noticed is that women who lack Feminine Grace are not happy, they are more likely to experience disappointment and frustration with their love lives, and with life in general. Embracing all that Feminine Grace offers will allow you to find more magic in everything you do.

What It Means To Be a Woman

Assignment #1

In Men Made Easy, Diedra asked the ladies what they liked best, and didn’t like, about being a woman. Rather than giving you their list, I invite you to do a Relaxation Meditation and ask your Inner Wise Woman to help you come up with your very own, very personal list of what you enjoy most about being a woman, and what you don’t like.

After you do the meditation, take your journal and write your answers, and any thoughts and feelings you have about what came to you in your meditation. Especially notice how your answers made you feel.

Assignment #2

It’s an amazing gift to be a woman. To create magic, to express your heart, Spirit, and Soul freely; to feel deeply and be able to express your emotions. Whenever you are feeling good about being a woman, enjoying being beautiful, attractive, sensuous, creative, you are most alive. And…when you’re feeling alive, you’re awash in your own magic, and that feels wonderful.

One aspect of your magic-making abilities is that when you’re in a state of Feminine Grace, the people around you are transformed, feeling better just for being around you. That really is magic!

With Feminine Grace you’re comfortable with your sexuality and allow it to flow through you. But you don’t flaunt it–you don’t need to–because it expresses itself with grace and style…naturally, without trying. You love that part of yourself because it’s an expression of your Woman Energy. When you’re comfortable with your sexuality, men can tell. They have a built-in radar that picks it up from across the room. And it has nothing to do with cleavage or short skirts.

The real magic of Feminine Grace is that you’ll be authentically beautiful, no matter what God gave you, because you’ll glow from within. That kind of beauty has nothing to do with what’s in fashion magazines, or bottles of potions…it comes from being happy with who you are.

Finally, if you love being a woman…love being YOU…you can’t help but like men, and this is what makes you more attractive to men than most of the women they meet. And they would never be able to articulate what it is that makes you unique. They just feel it, and can see at a subliminal level, your ‘attractive’ energy, as if you were a magnet they can’t resist.

You’ve probably met this kind of woman. She’s often not outstanding looking but…she’s comfortable with who she is, she’s self-assured, and it’s obvious she likes herself. She’s the woman men are hovering around at a party, making you wonder what she has that other women don’t. But she’s also the kind of women that women like as well.

Any time you’re expressing your femininity, your self-love, and your pure joy at being a women, you’re in a state of Feminine Grace. That’s when you’re the most magnetic, the most beautiful, the most joyful and loving, and the most self-confident. That’s when you feel great about being you. And you relish your individuality, not wanting, or needing to fit in and follow the latest trends in an effort to feel good about yourself.

You can choose to be ecstatic about being a woman…about being YOU…or not. Either choice will color every aspect of your life. But know this, a woman with Feminine Grace is the most powerful kind of woman there is.

Now answer this question: How do you express your Feminine Grace now?

And the next logical question is: How would you like to be able to express your Feminine Grace as you move forward on your journey of becoming your true, authentic self?

Make notes in your journal.

Your Power Over Men

Over the years I’ve asked men what they find most attractive about women. Here’s what they’ve told me:

  1. They admire how creative we are
  2. How we can express their emotions so easily and freely
  3. How wonderful we are to look at
  4. Our curves and soft skin
  5. How we can do so many things at once
  6. How loving and nurturing we are
  7. How we create beauty

When they’re talking, you can actually hear awe in their voices. They absolutely love how our femininity contrasts with their masculinity.

When you’re in a state of Feminine Grace it shows in the way you walk. You would be surprised how often they mentioned how attractive good posture. That speaks volumes about how a woman feels about herself.

They also love the way you talk, and they way you look at a man when you’re impressed with something he’s done or said. These may seem like little things, but they’re huge to men. Men are mostly visual so they notice when a woman looks nice, especially if it’s for them.

You have no idea how much power you have over men when you’re oozing Feminine Grace. Because women today are taught from the cradle to be strong, powerful, and capable of doing everything a man does, to even try to outdo men, there’s been a disconnect and few women know how to attract a man at a purely visceral level.

You can’t make yourself be that kind of attractive. It has to come from within you. That’s when he can feel your energy, compelling him to need to get to know you better. If you have a man, you’ll notice him responding in new and exciting ways, as your Feminine Grace blossoms.

When a man is in this presence of this kind of woman, he’s helpless. You hold the key to his need for sex, for intimacy, for order, beauty and comfort…and to be connected through the creation of family.

As you can see, as you develop your Feminine Grace, your ability to make this kind of magic will grow beyond anything you can imagine.