You’ve no doubt already noticed that you feel different. That’s because those blocks that have been overshadowing your beautiful light have kept you from letting your light shine through. In this class you’ll be given the opportunity to feel that light so it becomes your natural way of being.

You’ve come a long way to have gotten this far. I love that you care this much about your own happiness.

When I asked in a meditation what I should do with the rest of my life, and Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, Michelangelo, and Galileo appeared, I was surprised, to say the least. But I always trust what shows up.

After their huddle, when Thomas Paine said, “You’re supposed to inspire people to do the work required to be happy,” that was actually an even bigger surprise.

I would have only thought of helping people be happy, but not the ‘do the work required’ part. So here you are, in the 10th class, with only two  more classes to go. Congratulations for your willingness to ‘do the work’ that I’ve asked you to do.

So far, you’ve learned about the first 3 Facets of Feminine Grace:

  1. Practice Gratitude
  2. Love Yourself
  3. Be Delightful

Now, let’s get to work on the fourth facet.

Shine Your Light

As you’ve been coming into rapport with who you really are, your True Self, your inner beauty, that bubbles up from your happiness and self-love is showing up in your energy. It really is as if you are literally glowing.

When you feel happy, centered, ‘in love’, or at peace, have you noticed that you do feel lighter? If you could see your energy, which some people say they can, you would look like you’re glowing. And the happier, more connected to your True Self you are, the bigger your energy gets.

My daughter has a Kirlian photography camera and she took photos of people before and after meditation, exercise, laughing, and making love. And the energy does expand.

So you really can expand your energy and people will be able to feel it. They won’t be aware of it, but they will feel better being around you…when you are in a state of Feminine Grace.

Assignment #1

Shining Your Light

Here is a guided visualization to help you experience your inner light.

Before you do this meditation get out the words you selected when you did the G.L.O.W. Flow exercise. Sit with them as you get relaxed and allow yourself to take what those words represent into your body.

Next, sit with the new beliefs about you, the beliefs that are true about you, not those that made up your program. Let those feelings settle into your body as well.

Now, listen to the meditation and when you’re done, write in your journal about any insights you have or whatever you wish to remind yourself of how good it feels to ‘shine your light.’

Assignment #2

Practice Shining Your Light

Now that you’ve done the meditation, practice making your light emanate out beyond your body. See how it feels and notice how others respond. Work toward making it a habit.

Assignment #3

Enjoy Being YOU!

Play with being the real you, that woman who chose those G.L.O.W. Flow words. Feel your beauty, how amazing you are, as you go about your week. Dance and splash in your emotions, dance if you feel like it, sing, laugh.

Just relax and enjoy being you…