Welcome to the twelfth class ,

If you’ve gone through all the classes and done the assignments and exercises, you should feel different than before you began. You should feel more aware of who you are. You should feel more empowered. And you should feel more in love with the woman you are becoming.

When your Woman Energy is turned up, you glow from within. Your heart is wide open, and your love flows out to everyone and everything. In this last class, take with you the potential you hold within you to be a loving force for good. You have the power to transform lives, simply by showing up and sharing who you are.

You are unique in this world. No one has ever, or will ever be like you. That is pretty magical. So you owe it to yourself to be as happy and loving as possible, and as often as possible. Below are some ways to continually increase your ability to sustain a state of love. That’s when you glow your brightest and make the most magic.

Be the gift that you are to the world…

The Magical Woman You Are

Share the Gift Of You With the World

You have an extraordinary power to do good in the world. One reason I know that is because you have taken the step to join my Inner Circle. You are one of just a few who are willing to look inside your heart. It’s a rare women who is willing to do this. For most, it’s too scary. You are unique because you want to discover what you wish to improve, and most important, are willing to do whatever it takes to continue to evolve into the very best person you can be.

You are capable of sustaining love for the rest of your life, every day, every hour. That doesn’t mean you will, but believe me when I say you are capable.

We all vacillate between love and fear. Everything that is not love is fear…everything.

Now that you have begun your journey of awareness of your inner state of being, you will more quickly notice when you have slipped out of love and into fear. Remember that without awareness, you are simply a feather in the wind, with no controls, no rudder, no brakes and no gas pedal. You are not in charge, your fear is.

You are magnificent when you are in a state of love. You are your most beautiful, glowing from within.

Where does fear come from? One place: Attachment.

One of the primary teachings of the Buddha is that all pain comes from attachment.

What is attachment? It is wanting something to be other than it is. That includes everything.

If you get upset that your parents are the way they are, it means you are attached to them being different.

If you get upset by something your boyfriend, husband, or children are doing, it’s because you attached to them behaving differently.

Your attachment is some form of fear. Fear that they don’t respect or love you; fear that they will hurt themselves; fear that they won’t ever get it right (meaning the way you want).

That doesn’t mean you can’t request people to do things differently, but you must not be attached to them doing what you want.

Maybe you’re attached to getting that raise you expected. When it doesn’t happen, you go into fear. Fear because you are not able to live on your current income; fear that they don’t value you; fear that you aren’t measuring up.

The way I look at becoming ‘detached’ is to do everything you can so you can have things turn out the way you want, and then letting go of expectations. I do this not because I don’t want things to be the way you want, but because if they don’t turn out as I expect, then I’m not upset.

It’s a kind of allowing. Or as some people say, handing it over to God or the Universe.

So how do you keep your state of love going? Here are several things you can do:

1) Stay aware of your emotional state of being so you notice quickly that you have gotten triggered (triggered meaning that your emotions got set off). When you do get triggered, ask yourself, “What am I attached to here?” You will find this a very revealing exercise. But you must be honest with yourself. Sometimes you won’t like the truth that emerges, but you need to know if you are to evolve.

2) As you learn about yourself, determine how you can improve yourself so you no longer get triggered (usually that is letting go of attachment). Letting go of attachment is one of the most difficult lessons to learn. But always be patient and gentle with yourself. We are all a work in progress. As long as you’re moving toward your highest and best self, you are growing. That’s what matters, not how quickly you grow, just that you are.

3) Be compassionate. If you always:

  • Consider the other person’s position,
  • Try to see things from their perspective,
  • Give them the benefit of the doubt,
  • Assume they didn’t mean how you interpreted what they said or did, and
  • Remember that you’re not perfect either,

When you do these things, your heart will be filled with compassion. And remember this, you cannot experience love without compassion.

4) Finally, practice gratitude. Gratitude is the quickest way to shift your energy. When you enter a state of gratitude, you are entering a state of love. Gratitude is not something you ‘think,’ it’s something you ‘feel.’ For it to be effective in shifting your energy and opening your heart to love, you will feel it in every cell of your body.

When you keep your heart open, stay in love, be happy and share your joy, you will be one of the most magical women you will ever know. You will become a powerful force for good.

You will be magnificent.

Blessings on your journey!