Welcome back,

How did it feel to do last week’s meditation? Did you notice things about yourself during the week? If so, I hope you wrote down any new insights you had about yourself.

Self-development, personal-transformation, inner-work, personal-growth…No matter what you call it, the reason to improve yourself is so you will be happier and more fulfilled more and more of the time.

As you discover new aspects of yourself, explore why you do the things you do, why you get triggered, why you react and respond to life the way you do, the more capacity you have for love and happiness. There’s no better reason to pursue this kind of self-discovery than that.

Your body is a precious, magical thing. Even if all you considered is the many things it does to keep you alive, it’s pretty darned amazing.

But then you add your big brain, with it’s capacity to interpret the world, to feel, think, create, and plan, it’s one of the greatest marvels in the universe. You are totally unique.

There has never been anyone like you before, and never will again. You are special. How you look is also unique. Even if you had an identical twin, there would be differences, no matter how subtle.

Your body not only carries you around, it’s part of your identity…a big part. How you feel about your body will color how you are in the world. It will cause you to be proud, confident, self-assured, or insecure.

I’ve never met a woman who is 100% completely satisfied with her body. There always seems to be some part or parts that you want to change or improve. I don’t know if it’s human nature, the media, or both. Probably both.

Some of the things you might not like about your body are legitimate. If you know your weight is unhealthy, and you don’t feel good at your current weight, then you can do something about that. But if you’re six feet tall, then it does no good, and is actually detrimental for you to be unhappy about that.

Either way, for you to be as happy as you can be, you need to come into rapport with the body you have. So this class is about you discovering how you feel about your body and how you take care of it.

Remember, this is the only body you will ever have, so the more you can learn to love it, the more pleasure you will get out of life. How much you enjoy your body, how happy you are with how it looks and functions, how generally healthy you feel, how well you take care of it, and how good you look to others, all have to do with how well your Woman Energy will flow.

The happier you are with your body, the more you will glow with the energy that makes you beautiful to everyone you meet. When you can look in the mirror at your naked body and feel good, you will be a powerful maker of magic.

Assignment #1

You and Your Body

Take the following test and answer as honestly as you can. No one will see what you’ve written so the more honest you can be, the more you will benefit from this assignment.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not at all and 10 being always or completely), how would you rate the following (use the first line to the left of each question for this part of the assignment):

Note: Write the following in your journal, with the three columns of lines. I’ll explain what to do with those on the right in a later class.


1. ____ How happy are you with your facial features? ____ ____

2.____ How happy are you with your weight? ____ ____

3.____ How enjoyable is it to get your hair looking good? ____ ____

4.____ How enjoyable is it to take time to do your make-up? ____ ____ 

5.____ How well do you eat? ____ ____

6.____ Do you allow time for the sleep you need? ____ ____

7.____ Do you take good care of your skin? ____ ____

8.____ Do you do things to keep your immune system strong? ____ ____

9.____ How womanly do your clothes make you feel? ____ ____

10.____ How often do you wear feminine or sexy lingerie? ____ ____

11.____ How often are you seen in slouchy, unflattering clothes? ____ ____

12.____ How good is your posture? ____ ____

13.____ How good are you at sticking to an exercise regimen? ____ ____

14.____ Do you keep your names (both hands and feet) looking nice? ____ ____

15.____ How happy are you with your teeth? ____ ____

16.____ Do you take good care of your teeth? ____ ____

17.____ How happy are you with your breasts? ____ ____

18.____ Do you take time for your favorite physical activities? ____ ____

19.____ How sexy do you feel most of the time? ____ ____

20.____ How comfortable are you being naked in front of your lover? ____ ____

21.____ How comfortable are you making love? ____ ____

22.____ Can you look in the mirror and honestly say, “You’re gorgeous”? ____ ____

23.____ How much do you enjoy dressing up? ____ ____

24.____ How often and how easily do you smile? ____ ____

Assignment #2

As you go about your week notice how you feel about all the questions you answered above. Notice how you feel about taking care of your body, making yourself look nice, how good you feel, how you feel eating or drinking different things, and how you feel about your appearance.

For the things you can and know you should change, notice how you feel about doing what you need to do. And for those things you can’t change, notice what messages you send yourself. In your journal, write all your thoughts and perceptions about what you learned about yourself when you did the this assignment.

Throughout the week, pay attention to any new insights that come to you. This assignment is mostly about helping you become more aware of your body and all that goes along with having this magical gift that you got when you were born. We’ll work with what you’re learning in a later class.