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Thinking of Trading In Your ‘Gently Used’ Man?

I saw a quote recently that I think it was by Betty White. It went something like this: Listen to him chew. If you can stand to hear that for the rest of your life, then, by all means, go ahead and marry him.

If you hang around with someone long enough, you will usually discover at least one habit that irritates you. If your guy has a bunch of bad habits and you’re beginning to climb the walls, it’s likely that you might develop some resentment.

I often talk about how resentment kills love. But if his habits are just irritating, and you’re thinking of trading him in on a new model, just remember that everyone–yes, including you–have habits that can be irritating.

If you haven’t ever mentioned that what he’s doing is getting on your nerves, have you ever mentioned it to him? If so, did you talk to him about it in a loving way? If you’re not sure how to go about having that kind of discussion, you can access the Marriage Makeover program and learn several ways to have difficult discussions.

Watch this video that I made on this topic.

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